Advanced Writing Workshop – A Novel Fix

$299 — Eight sessions, offered Thursdays, 7-9 pm, Oct 19- Dec 14 (no class 11/23).

A Novel Fix, is an advanced writing workshop, not just for fiction: the “novel” refers to a new and different approach to long form writings. It’s for people who have written before, but haven’t attempted, or have been frustrated, with extended works, such as memoir, non-fiction, novel/novella, or poetry chapbook or collections.

After years of research and studying with others, I’ve gathered many resources and much practical advice for writers whose stories cannot be contained in short forms. There are some fundamentals and advanced elements most writers need to consider and address at some point in their process.

For instance, whether you work as a planner (outline), a panster (intuitive), or plantser (in-between) writer, all need to approach key elements in composition, such as structure, theme, imagery, and symbolism. There are a lot of options out there for organizing long works, but one-size truly does not fit all. Your writing style and choices are very individual.

In A Novel Fix, we’ll be using techniques to break through “writer’s block” or resistance. We will explore different planning or mapping tools to find techniques that resonate for you in order to help you shape your long work – at whatever stage you are. We’ll take a deep dive into descriptive techniques, learn how to create convincing characters and will practice ways to craft dialogue and action to show (reveal) character. Since all forms depend on scenes, we’ll examine how to setting the scene, justify its existence, and connect it to those that came before and those that come after. These will deepen your work, add texture, and make sure key lines and images reflect your theme or points. We’ll also use left-brain activities, such as analysis and global or developmental revision to line and surface editing.

In the class, we’ll use best practices for teaching and learning and practicing writing, as well as have opportunities for participants to share some work. Information will be provided in lectures and readings, along with large group and small group exercises and discussions.

$299 — Eight sessions, offered Thursdays, 7-9 pm, Oct 19- Dec 14 (no class 11/23). Registration Required.

Continuing Education Writing Workshop – Fall 2023

through the Bethlehem Central School District (BSCD) Albany, NY, area

Mondays, 6:30-8:30 PM ET, for 8 weeks, beginning October 16 through December 4.

Offered fall and spring, this is an in-person class at the BCSD High School (Albany, NY, area). Non-residents may enroll, but pay a slightly higher fee.

Description: So you’ve always wanted to write a book or you’ve always written something-stories, letters, a journal? Perhaps there is a story you’ve always wanted to tell?

This eight-week online workshop offers a supportive environment for your writing, with practical exercises and strategies to inspire and improve your work.

In addition to mini-lectures on elements and techniques of writing, the virtual class will consist of large and small group discussion and exercises to connect with your creativity and to hone your skills. Online resources available outside of class.

Registration is through the BSCD Continuing Ed Program. Check their website for the Program brochure, which is issued in the fall and spring, contains information for registering. Please note: Late registration is accepted for this course up until the Friday before.

For questions, contact me at with the words “Bethlehem Workshop” in the subject line.