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Do you ever wonder where to put a punctuation mark, especially a comma? (See my free guides on Fundamental Comma Rules.)

Do you struggle with your words or sentences or imagery? struggle with how to show, not tell?

Here you’ll find the essential ruleswhat you need to know to make your writing free of common errors.

Also, for those wanting more background, I provide nice-to know information about exceptions, variations, historical contexts, and rhetorical approaches to applying grammar and usage rules.

Who I am, Ellen Higgins, Ph.D.: I have worked as professional writer, editor, researcher, and instructor for over 30 years, teaching mostly on the college and adult ed level. Specializing in English language and literature, I have helped writers with the essentials of getting their voice and vision into print, from undergraduates to published authors. More than 15 of those years have been in popular continuing ed. Writing Workshops, taught in person and online. For tips and info on writing and opportunities for writers, see my newsletter.