21 Day Challenge

Get your writing in shape in 3 weeks – offered seasonally (GROUP sessions) & now INDIVIDUALLY ON DEMAND.

***June 2024 Challenge starts June 10th***

Want to jump start a writing project or to revive your writing practice?

Though there is no one way to write, writers who follow a regimen produced 9 times the quantity and quality of those who write occasionally and in big blocks of time. Studies show that people can improve the quantity and quality of their writing by writing regularly, by tracking their time, and by being accountable to someone.

Why 21 days? Three weeks is often cited as the time needed to change behavior. While experts disagree on how just long it takes to develop a new habit, many people see 21 days as a comfortable period to build and maintain a new routine because it is manageable and requires low commitment.

Come join the Challenge and learn what it takes to cultivate the habit of writing and to see what works for your life and schedule. Resources and support are provided by regular emails with tips and strategies; opportunities to share your progress and difficulties; several group check-in meetings via Zoom, and unlimited email access to me, the instructor.

Are you ready to get your writing on track? Cost: $49